My Life Is A Testimony

For a long time, My Life is A Testimony founder, Khalilah Bruzual, use to question why she had to go through so many hardships in life. Then she realized that GOD allowed those same hardships to support and nurture other people, who were facing or had faced similar situations.

My Goal: Growing up I was deemed a “dysfunctional youth” and had to battle various mental and health issues.  Now in my adult years, I am a  Mindset and Life Coach, a Mental Health advocate as well as “Fibro Fighter” due to my chronic pain diagnosed of Fibromyalgia. My goal is to help people understand that they are not the only one faced with life issues and that they can also be victorious should they choose to be an advocate for their own life.

My Life Is A Testimony … that God is UNDERSTANDING & REAL…
because no matter what I go through, how many times I fall or lack the understanding of HOW GREAT GOD IS.  HE always allows me to be real with HIM in all aspects of my life and HE always shows me that HE understands why I move the way I do (though HE may not always agree).


  • Volunteer Ministry Leader for the Worldwide General Conference, North American & Ontario Seventh-day Adventist community
    (Compassion, Youth, Young Adults, Young Women’s & Prayer)
  • 2019 Ontario SDA Youth Ministries Appreciation Award
  • 2016 Canadian Women Role Model Recipient
  • Child & Youth Worker Diploma
  • YWCA S.T.E.P Certification