About My Life Is A Testimony

 The mission of My Life Is A Testimony, is to help others address, avoid or overcome life’s hardships and to realistically teach how to walk through life, by:

  1. Providing a safe environment for people to address issues and topics
  2. Allowing people to self-reflect on issues that they may be currently faced with or considering opening themselves up to
  3. Supporting people, so they may find strength and courage to continue this journey of life

Since the onset in 2009, Khalilah Bruzual has been successfully assisting non-profit organizations, community programs, schools, churches, as well as social media platforms through presentations, workshops, conversations, personal blogs, sermons, and other creative means.

Her mandate is to show others how to love and care for themselves, overcome life obstacles while respecting the people and community around them.  That is why… MY LIFE IS A TESTIMONY!