My Life Is A Testimony ~ Is a presentation where we speak about a variety of everyday life issues that we have been through, overcome and/or may still be struggling with. After the presentation, the floor is opened for the audience to ask questions about our testimonies in order to help them find guidance in their life.

Let’s Be REAL! ~ All too often youth and young adults are searching for the answers on how to make it through life. Only to find ineffective and inadequate information from their peers, who know just as much as they do. Let’s Be REAL is an assortment of workshops and rap sessions designed to bring real talk to the table in a positive, warm and safe environment.

  • Peer Pressure
  • Relationships – Respect, Friendships, Dating
  • Sex – Sexuality, Sexual Purity, Abortion, Birth Control, Pornography

Assess Yourself ~ When you look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see? Are you confident in yourself? Do you know your self-worth? Do you like your body? In today’s society our youth and young people are conflicted between trying to define who they are, with what they see in the media, on billboards, and hear what their parents and friends are telling them to be. Each Assess Yourself workshop takes participants through a journey of becoming more comfortable with themselves and who they were created to be.

  • Self Assessment – Self-Esteem, Loneliness, Self-Worth, Body Image
  • Self Assessment 101 – Understanding Your Wants & Needs
  • Self Assessment 102 – What Really Makes You Happy

Overcoming ~ How do I forget the past? What am I suppose to do now? Will this pain ever go away? These are some of the many questions people ask themselves after they have been through an ordeal. Overcoming workshops are designed to give and assist people with tangible and realistic ways to overcome life’s hardships. Its main purpose, to help people find freedom from their past.

  • Abuse – Neglect, Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Verbal, Rape, Molestation
  • Addictions – Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol
  • Depression & Suicide

Christian Journey ~ Accepting your position as God’s child can sometimes be difficult, especially when you’re a youth or young adult trying to figure out life on its own. Christian Journey rap sessions help youth and young adults openly discuss their relationship with God, whether they’ve known him for 5 minutes or 5 years.

  • Come As You Are – Overcoming The Hype Of Having To Be Perfect
  • H.O.T (Honest, Open & Transparent) – How To Be Real With God
  • How To Use Your Life To Reap A Harvest – Ways To Minister & Evangelize To Others

Education ~ It’s not just your ABC’s and your 123’s! It includes what you learn, how you learn and the methods each person uses to learn. Through the Education workshops, participants explore these different aspects in order to get a better understanding of their education, both inside and out of the school walls.

  • The Importance of Education
  • Learning Disabilities & Gifts – Don’t Be Ashamed I’ve Got Them Too!
  • Learning Styles – How Do You Learn?
  • Career Choices 101 – You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be

Family First ~ Workshops are designed to help build unity within the family unit, as well as enhance communication between the family members.

  • Family Communication – Understanding The Other Side Better
  • Same Fight Different Generation – Understanding What Genealogical & Hereditary Traits Have Been Passed Along
  • Sibling Rivalry

Prayer ~ What am I suppose to say? How am I suppose to pray? Does God really hear me? Should my prayer’s look or sound like Sis/Bro so-and-so’s? Prayer workshops and rap sessions are designed to help youth and young adults achieve a positive, realistic, and intimate prayer relationship with God.

  • As Easily Said As Done
  • Prayer Stations – There’s More Than One Way To Communicate With God
  • Prayer & Fasting

Adult & Parent Workshops

Adult and parent workshops are designed to give understand and help bridge the communication and relationship gab, between adults and the youth and young adults in their life.

Understanding the Youth Culture ~ What do you know about the youth culture outside of, they listen to loud music, where pants down to their ankles, and clothes that are way too tight? Do you know what music does for them or how style of clothes represents to them? In this workshop adults obtain a better understanding of the youth, by dissecting their culture. Who knows you might just find you understand them better then you think!

Reaching Out To The Youth ~ Do you talk with the youth and young adults in your life very often? Do you know what they like to do for fun? Do you know what their interests are? Reaching Out To The  Youth focuses on different ways adults can get their foot in the door, in order to reach out, communicate and minister to the youth.