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👸🏽LEADERSHIP is equivalent to INFLUENCE🥰

👸🏽LEADERSHIP is equivalent to INFLUENCE🥰

🤔Food for thought
Whether your 👶young or 👴🏽old, a 👨‍👩‍👧parent or 👧🏻child, a 💍spouse or 🤗friend, 👨🏽‍🏫educator, 👯‍♂️mentor, 👩🏻‍💼CEO, 👨‍💼president, 👷supervisor, 📝secretary, 🗄colleague, 🎒schoolmate, 📇entrepreneur or just a 🏘neighbour…
Whether you live in a 🛋 penthouse, trailer park, apartment, duplex, townhouse, condo or on the 🏚street…

YES, YOU!!!🧏🏽‍♀️
YOU are influencing someone in your life 🤔
WHICH MEANS you are leading in someone’s life 😲 (whether you are willfully conscious of it and sometimes whether you want it or not) 🤦🏿‍♂️

It may seem hard to think of yourself as a leader🙍🏽.
It may be hard to see how far 🛣 your hands 🤲 and heart 💜 reach.
You may be reading this thinking, please 🤚🏼🛑, I have no influence🚯…
There is no one I AM leading⛔️.
🗣But let me tell you right now… SOMEONE IS BEING INFLUENCED BY YOU⠀

They are watching 👀your accomplishments 🏆and milestones 🙌🏾, your struggles 😩 and challenges 😓, how you speak to yourself 🧘‍♀️, how you love yourself💖, how you love others 💞 and how you allow others to love you🤍.

They watch 🧐how you get 🆙 after falling down🤕, whether you stay down😔, jump right back up 🕴or take time to gain your balance⚖️. Whether you’re elevating yourself 🏗 or burying your own grave💀. Developing 🏋🏽‍♂️your mind, body and spirit 📚or intoxicating ☠️it.

🚫DO NOT take this as a burden. 😬
BUT RATHER see it as a blessing⁉️.
YOU have the ability to leave a legacy, build a nation, save a life or mind.💯

👤Who are YOU leading
👥Who is FOLLOWING your lead
👣WHERE are you leading them
🧷is it safe for both of you 👀

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