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I asked Daddy for 1️⃣ thing today. To see the Sabbath sunset.
Kenesha and I had made plans to go but got caught up in an interesting ministry conversation🗣so by the time ⌚️we left I already knew we were racing against time.
Before we even left the driveway, “Please let us 👀 the sunset”. I raced along the highway🛣 “Please let us see the sunset”. I slowed down as we passed the patrol officer 🚔“Please let us see the 🌅”. I continued my race all while 🤣, talking and having a Jesus Jam🎼 with Kenesha, the only thing in my mind “Please let us 👀 the sunset”.
It wouldn’t matter if we reached our actual destination, it only mattered that we made the coast🌊.
As the highway turned onto the coastal shore, the sun had started to descend⤵️. As we passed a beach exit, I heard 👂“Not here”, so I kept going. We drove some more and began to pass a long stretch of beach🏝. “This is it” was all I felt💕.
While happy I was faced with a problem😨. With exits beginning far and in between, I wasn’t sure if we had just passed its exit.🤷🏽‍♀️
But there was calmness🙂, so I asked Kenesha to use google maps to get us there📍, but as she opened the app right in front of me was the sign “beach exit”☺️!
As we turned right, I could see the sun getting closer to the horizon🌄. We looped under the highway and found ourselves driving 🚙 along the Pacific Coast. New problem… We weren’t the only ones trying to find a spot for this miraculous view.🤦🏻
Now if you know me… I’m the kind of woman who likes her space🪐… Especially now that covid 🦠 is lurking about. I drive about 3 minutes down the shoreline, passing cars 🚗 and people 👥 all while anxiously😰 seeing the sun draw closer to the horizon. AND THEN IT HAPPENED!
Our spot📍, by ourselves, no one close to us, no one to bother us🚧. We jumped out of the car walked over to the rock wall and enjoyed to my surprise 30 minutes of wondrous beauty.🌅
🗣Moral of this story… PUT GOD 🕊 TO THE TEST♟! In asking Him for PURE things, you might just get an answer🏆!
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