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So many don’t know this…but during the past few months, yours truly took the initiative during this covid summer to continue my #aquatherapy via the vast lakes and bays here in Ontario. That’s right! Yours truly was redeveloping her dolphin legs🐬⠀

So when this recent accident left my fibromyalgia inflamed🔥, my body feeling achy & with immense burning sensations😖. The doctors forbade🙅 me for the 1st week 📅 to use heat to soothe my pain but instead cold❄️.⠀

Now unless you are a sports athletic … there is NO WAY someone is sitting in a bath🛁 of cold water 🥶 for any length of time to cool their body down. So… @northvillerehab made the next best recommendation. Dr. Lawson sent me where I had already been… BACK TO THE LAKES🌊 It makes total sense RIGHT!😉

So here’s the RECOMMENDATION for all you Water-Loving-Fibro-Flareup-Fighters🦋
– 🍽 pack a lunch⠀
– 👥 bring a chaperon (because you will be tired afterwards)⠀
🧎🏽‍♀️🧍🏾🚶🏼‍♂️ SIT/STAND/WALK in the water. 🚫 Don’t swim aggressively🚫 just let nature do what it was meant to do! COOL 😓 your body down and bring you into a space of peace☮️ & tranquillity🌱
– 🛌 prep for a good’s night sleep AND 😊 some wonderful days of no burning sensations⠀

🚧NOTE to anyone experiencing other chronic pain or symptoms, this method may not relieve you of the other ailments😔⠀
BUT from my point of view, I’d rather have nature provide me with a few days of remedy & relief… than relying on only western medicine💯⠀

📣P.S. SUMMER IS NOT OVER. YOU still have time for outdoor options!😀⠀
Otherwise, start researching 💻 for AQUATHERAPY not aquafitness programs through your local health clinics.⠀

📣SHOUT OUT to the @adventistyouthontario Compassion Team for being my family, friends and escorts… I💖U ⠀


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